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Westlake Housing specializes in repositioning underperforming LIHTC properties as a replacement general partner; a multi-step process that begins with thorough due diligence in order to develop a customized strategy for each property.  We identify trends and sensitivities in the rental market, conduct a comprehensive compliance audit and develop and implement capital improvement plans.  We also employ a comprehensive review of management and operations to identify inefficiencies and opportunities to enhance NOI and when feasible, Westlake Housing will work with lenders to restructure debt. Once stabilized, our Asset Managers provide proactive oversight in order to maximize performance for the remainder of the investment period.  Westlake also has relationships with nonprofit organizations and has been successful on many occasions inserting a nonprofit entity in the ownership structure in order to obtain a real estate tax exemption.

Westlake Housing acquires stabilized and well-located multifamily assets (conventional and affordable) throughout the country.  We have strong relationships with various lenders that allow us to price acquisitions competitively and close quickly. Our Asset Managers and Property Management team identify areas for operational improvements to grow NOI and maximize returns for our investors, while providing high-quality housing for our tenants.

Westlake takes a “hands-on” approach to managing properties and employs state of the art technology and exceptional people in order to improve operating performance, maintain the asset and ensure compliance with all regulatory agreements. Westlake Housing is committed to providing our residents with a wonderful place to call home and our attention to the details separates us from the competition and allows us to exceed expectations.

Our Mission: To provide affordable, high-quality housing for our residents while ensuring asset preservation, tax credit compliance and performance for our clients and investors.